Flash Player sound glitch in 11.1

Hi all.

I’ve been having this problem since I first installed OpenSuse 11.1, which was during the week it came out.

When I open any flash video that has sound in it with Firefox or Konqueror such as YouTube or iPlayer I get a very loud buzzing noise before the video plays. The video and sound are fine during the video and are in sync, but this sound glitch is pretty horrible when I have headphones on. The glitch is not consistent and does not always happen.

This never happened for me when I was running 11.0 and I am unsure what could have caused this.

Any ideas?

This is an issue. I can’t help sorry. I get it on odd occasions too. But it’s not on my list of priorities as my sound actually works great. oldcpu may have input here?* Lee…any ideas? *

grep -i pulse /var/log/messages
If you get
Your kernel driver is broken

There is the problem… As this thread…
flash audio playback initial distortion - openSUSE Forums

I hear it occasionally, but not all the time. Its also not on my list of priorities. I do not know what causes it. My desktop KDE-3.5.10 on openSUSE-11.1.

I can tell you that I get it on my Fedora box too, so it’s not exclusive to SUSE. I have in mind it’s a flash issue.

I removed “pulseaudio” from my system like one of the posters did in that thread that was posted above, and so far the issue has gone away.

Not really a fix in the long term, but I’ll see how this goes.