Flash Player Problems

Hi Everyone.

I’ve got a problem. I have a problem with my flash player on my laptop. Sometimes when I start my computer and go to youtube to play some videos, I get no sound. So I try amarok2 and bingo sound. Still no sound in my usual web browsers when I restart them. I even checked to see if their processes are running just in case. I tried playing it in Opera, Firefox 3.5 but not Konqueror.

When I restart it again, it sometimes work or not. I just keep restarting until I get it working then don’t shutdown but leave it in standby.

libflashsupport = 1.2-5.4
pullin-flash-player = 11.1-1.1

I seem to recall some have removed libflashsupport with success.

ok, I will try that. Thanks

drag these fora for comments/problems with pulseaudio…


you might decide to try turning off/disabling or deleting it…many do.


I forgot to post here. So sorry. To close it out for those who had this problem, the libsupport was the fix. Just had to get rid of it. Worked like a charm:)


Excellent news!

Thank you. Worked like a charm after trying everything else.