Flash player plugin confusion

Hi there, Im very new to Linux and Im trying to get the flash player to work in Mozilla firefox version Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.0) Gecko/2008061600 SUSE/3.0-0.1 Firefox/3.0
I have a 32 bit computer and Ive tried installing various plugins using Yast. Im still a bit lost when it comes to finding where the plugins folder is as Im used to windows. Does anyone have any simple step advice on how to make these installations or if I simpley need to use a different version of Firefox or annoter browser alltogether?

Never mind, i figured it out. Sory If Ive wasted any of your time. Is it possible to delete or edit posts. It seems like it is but I dont see where I can do it.
Take care,

You’re welcome. These forums are in place to provide support wherever possible. So, no need to worry about anything!
Feel free to ask whatever question you’d like and have a lot of fun using openSUSE!

I have the same problem.
using Suse 11 64 bit and trying to install flash plugin for firefox.
No luck at all.
The plugin installed but is not available in firefox.
Any ideas?

Are you using a 32 ou 64bit firefox?
If 64bit check if nspluginwrapper is installed.