Flash player breaks after some time opened

I got a problem with flash player. Atm I’m using chrome. Flash version 10.1.102, chrome version 6.0.472

So, my problem is that after a long while of having the browser open (any), flash player stops working properly (it’s hard to describe but in youtube for example, the image and sound freeze for 5 seconds, in the next second everything happens at once, freezes 5 seconds again, shows all that frozen time in fast forward again, etc). This happens every a few hours of not closing the player’s plugin

I restart flash with the chrome task manager, reload the page, and it works properly again. I tried using firefox but I have the same problem (except I cant restart the flash plugin without restarting the browser). I thought it might be a problem with the player, but I reinstalled it like 4 times already, and there’s still something faulty. Does this happen to anyone else or is it a known problem?

Honestly I don’t think I have ever watched anything in Flash for that long. And quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me that much. But you could have mentioned your computer hardware statistics, which may be relevant in deciding the cause.

I didn’t notice Chrome had a Task Manager!! I am glad I read this thread because I regularly have the flash plugin crash for reasons I never understood. If I open a lot of tabs, it may take me a while to get to the one that had flash on it. Sometimes, I find that the player crashed. I will try the Taskmanager next time this happens instead of restarting chrome.