Flash Player and Firefox 3.5.2

Evening ladies and gents,

Just changed to openSUSE 11.1 after an age with MEPIS and everything’s running pretty smoothly. The only thing I am having problems is my sound. Generally, my sound works fine. However, sometimes, usually when I’m viewing flash content in youtube, weird things happen.

Sometimes, the music plays really fast and I lose the rest of my system sound (as in, when I play music through amarok I either can’t hear it at all, or it’s low and muffled). Usually, shutting down Firefox is enough to solve the problem. System wide sound is restored. But I’d like to solve the porblme if I can because I watch flash content quite a bit.

I’m currently using the static version of Firefox 3.5.2 (downloaded from their official website) and flash-player 10.0.32.

Any ideas?



Is it 32bit?

You can install flash player manually after removing all the flash related packages in YaST.
Programming and Linux: Install flash plugin for Firefox/others in Linux

Thanks for that. I’ve replaced the repo package with the official rpm. I’ll see how that runs over the next few days.

Much obliged to you.