Flash Player 10 on 11.1

i can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but it does for me (and
i just went from Flash 9 to 10 a couple of days ago, and it STILL works)…

see this posting and follow it, exactly…EXCEPT–see my note below
this link:



when you go to Adobe <http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/?promoid=BUIGP>
you will find that they no longer offer a “debug version” as specified
in the forum post…a couple of days ago i downloaded the version
called “tar.gz for linux” which resulted in a downloaded file named
“install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz” which has inside the 9.7 MB
file named “libflashplayer.so” and a “flashplayer-installer” file
which i ignored as directed in the forum posting…

should work…does here…if it does not there then you have worse
problems than a flash that does not work…

good luck…

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You could try using the alpha version of the 64-bit flash plugin. I’ve been using it since last december, and it works about as well the 32-bit plugin does.

To get it working:

  1. Remove all installed flash related packages in YaST software management.
  2. download the plugin here
  3. Extract the plugin, and place a copy of it in /usr/lib64/browser-plugins
  4. Restart firefox. Check that firefox sees the plugin by looking in the Add-ons.

IMO, it sounds like the problem you are having has to do with the plugin wrapper. Before the 64-bit version of the plugin came out, I was constantly fighting with the wrapper to get flash working.

Thank you so much, srschifano! That worked for me! Now I can watch countless hours of funny YouTube videos again! :wink: Though, I’m still curious as to why the flash player/nspluginwrapper from the repos didn’t work… oh well.

There are probably tons of reasons why the wrapper doesn’t work. It is, after all, a wrapper designed to get a finicky plug-in of one architecture to work on another. The possibilities for the whole thing breaking are great.

I am happy to assist! :slight_smile:

I’ve got some problems with flash as well.
On some websites the sound is very weird (when I watch videos in flash) whereas on some it is fine.
I tried Konqueror and it is the same…

Some have found removing libflashsupport fixes it.

With a list of repos that large, I would be very surprised if there are not many things that do not work. IMHO such a large repos list is a recipe for non-functionality.

I typically recommend ONLY OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman repos.

I had no sound from Youtube or some games in Facebook. The 64 bit plugin solved the problem. Thanks to all.