Flash is flashing

I just installed a fresh 13.2 install onto my wife’s HP 64 bit desktop. It’s a fairly new computer which is now a dual boot Windows 8.1.
AMD Quad core, 8gb
AMD Radon HD 8570D graphics

She plays an online game called Tynon within Firefox. It’s a flash-based game.
The game plays very well except bits of the program window will “flash” at frequent random times. For example a player may toss a fireball, but it will alternatively and quickly flash the correct graphic and solid lime green, then the entire bottom of the screen representing a roadway in the game will flash the same green a few times.
I can see how she is getting very irritated about the defect.

Albeit a lot slower, the game plays perfecty within the Windows environment which leads me to believe it may be some kind of graphics driver or flash issue. Maybe not graphics driver because everything else seems alright?

I had initially installed the flash versions in YaST2 so she can play the game. Seeing the issue, I went to Adobe.com and downloaded the RPM of the latest version and installed it. It didn’t seem to improve anything.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

You could install chromium and chromium-pepper-flash (from the packman repo). Then play that game with chromium.

This was exactly the fix. My wife, and I thank you so much.

Btw, if you install freshplayerplugin (also available in Packman), you can use Chromium’s pepper-flash plugin in Firefox as well… :slight_smile: