Flash fullscreen failure

When i maximise to fullscreen flash videos in firefox (3.6.8), the screen hangs. And I have to Ctrl_Alt-F1 to go the runlevel 3. Please note that this only happens whenever I turn OFF desktop effects. But when I do use desktop effects, even with very low settings, it didn’t hang.

If Flash works with Compiz on or whatever desktop effects you are using fine. Try disabling the enable hardware acceleration in Flash. This help me become smooth no end. Yes, yes I know it doesn’t make sense. But with acceleration off, Flash is smooth. I would love to know why.

Possibly related, yesterday with 11.3 (two systems); KDE 4.4.4 with desktop effects enabled; Flash (openSUSE updated); and BBC iPlayer; I had problems with full-screen failure on internet video streaming. On switching back to windowed, the KDE desktop corrupted with sections of windows opening and minimising automatically. Couldn’t use the desktop until a logoff and login, or reboot cleared it.

The full-screen failure happened before the recent security updates to firefox and seamonkey, but I was able to clear it and get it to work. Since the security updates, I eventually get the desktop corruption after retries. No problem in windowed mode. Both Flash and browser(s) have received updates since 11.3 GM, and I don’t recall getting the problem at GM or on RC1/RC2. Nor does the problem have anything to do with clean 11.3 install versus upgrade since I got it on both.

Yesterday evening I solved most of my latest problem with internet Flash streaming. On straight browsing I noticed, from time to time, fairly long dropouts on the wired ADSL BB. I ran the ISP’s online speed test and found that BB speed had dropped by 70% approx. down to 3 to 4 Mb/sec, possibly not fast enough for full-screen data transfer. I then recalled I had moved a phone to a socket without a microfilter just before going away for a week, returned on monday but forgot to move it back. With that sorted out, BB returned to its regular 10 to 12 Mb/sec. However that shouldn’t have caused browsers to freeze and KDE desktop to corrupt or crash.

Unfortunately, the intermittent internet-streaming Flash/BBC iplayer problem remains on switching from windowed to full-screen, when the frame freezes and the sound continues. At that point the problem can be cleared by switching back to windowed mode. The problem returns on immediately switching back to full screen, but often doesn’t if running in windowed mode for a while and then switching to full screen. I should now try disabling Flash H/W acceleration.

I would be surprised if it’s a H/W resources problem, given a C2D T6670 processor and 3GB memory, even with the onboard intel graphics (GM45 Express chipset) and intel driver. That was fine on 11.2 and should be even better on 11.3 with the later kernel.

It looks like I’m getting this bug with 11.3’s version of the intel driver when using with Flash - see here.