Flash for 64-bit!

In case you haven’t noticed, Adobe has released a 64-bit version of the flash-plugin. It’s considered alpha at the moment but the little I’ve had time to experiment, it seems to work fine. In firefox at least.

Adobe Labs - Downloads: Flash Player 10

Awesome. I’ll give this a go. Thanks for the heads up.

They are pushing as the latest version. As in the shipping version! It looks like they have pulled it out of testing and are shipping it mainstream now.

That was fast!

Works brilliantly so far.

Used to have a few issues with the nswrapper and 32 bit flash, in that flash would not always kick in first load, especially with slow connections.

uninstalled flash player.
downloaded tar.gz from adobe.
extracted archive.
copied lib file over with ‘cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/’

Reloaded a page with flash in, immediate result.