Flash / Firefox / LEAP 42.1


I have been using openSUSE as my main desktop’s OS for about four years now. I am a long-time Firefox loyalist (going back to Phoenix 0.5!) and recently started having problems with flash player. They seemed to start about the time that Adobe finally updated Flash Player for Linux to version 24. Often, when I try to watch flash video in Firefox, that particular window becomes unresponsive and has to be killed. When I visit cbsnews.com, windows on my system begin randomly minimizing and re-opening until I am forced to go to a text-only tty and kill Firefox. I’ve tried removing flash player and installing “HTML5 Video Everywhere,” but still frequently wind up with hanging Firefox windows.

I can use Chromium with no problems (although even it crashed on cbsnews.com earlier today), but I dislike it. I have a 32-bit tablet running Debian Stretch. Firefox with flash doesn’t have any problems on it, including cbsnews.com.

I installed flash player using the instructions found under “Installation from Adobe Repository” on this page:

I am running LEAP 42.1 with Xfce. Does anyone else have these or similar problems?

Thank you,

Will in Missouri, USA

Hi, that guide seems a bit outdated and the main command in the section you reference:

sudo zypper ar --check --refresh http://linuxdownload.adobe.com/linux/x86_64/

does NOT appear to work anymore. Please be more specific as to what you actually did and the results you had if you need more help.
You may still try the “Manual installation from the browser” instead, choosing the .rpm - NPAPI version for Firefox.

why not get flash from packman as it will be auto updated and it will be digitally signed
adobe does not provide the pgp key and automatic updates will not install an unsigned package you’d have to manually run zypper up and select y for the missing key warning

ps packman has a different name for flash it’s flash-player so if you have the adobe repo remove flash-plugin and install flash-player (as a longtime user I assume you have the packman repo)
all your flash trouble will be gone

Well, I have removed flash that I had installed from the Adobe repo, removed that repo from my system, and installed flash from Packman. I seems to have fixed all of my problems (granted I’ve only been using it for five minutes or so). I have always gotten the plugin from Adobe since its their product. Hopefully this is the answer to my problems.

Thank you!


My system is much better now that I am using the Packman version of flash player, but I have still had a few instances when windows began minimizing and re-opening. I have realized that it only happens when I am watching flash in Firefox AND have Mozilla Thunderbird open but not minimized. I use Thunderbird as my main email client. If I keep Thunderbird minimized when I have a Firefox window with flash open, I don’t have any problems at all… at least that’s been the case over the last 28 hours or so.

Thanks again for the advice. I am quite happy now.