Flash Creator for Linux?

I am a web developer who recently switched to OpenSUSE from Windows…I’m NEVER going back!! OpenSUSE is such an awesome OS, it’s a wonder more people don’t use it.

Although I don’t do a whole lot of Flash (I try to do HTML5 as much as I can), there are times when I would appreciate a simple WYSIWYG Flash builder/editor. I don’t require a whole lot of fancy features. I would just like to do basic Flash building. I am aware that you can export presentations from OpenOffice to SWF, but that is out of the question for me since I am not able to set a custom size for the presentation. Does anyone know of a nice simple but effective program I can use? I would prefer free, but I am also willing to pay a few bucks for the program if necessary. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the openSUSE forums timwhudson. I did find one interesting and current link at:

Open Source Flash Projects Open Source Flash

I am kind of thinking that if you had a way before under Windows, this is something you could do in a VM. Since Flash is proprietary (Even as attempts to make it open seem to exist) that any results you have may be limited without the real and expensive product from Adobe. This is just my opinion of course and I hope someone with a better answer will pop in here.

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Format>Page>User does not work?

John, you saved me a TON of heartache!! Thank you so much, now I can stick with the program I have always been familiar with. I never could find those options, but now that I have, it looks like I should stick with OpenOffice :slight_smile: