Flash bypassed Pulse

Dear all,
I have to admit that the multimedia issues in opensuse are not my strong point.

I have gone through this lovely guide
SDB:Pulseaudio - openSUSE
and applied what was written.

The pulse seem to work fine but any flash player video (like youtube from firefox/opera) are not reported in pulse. So when I have the volume control of pulse open in the playback tab nothing appears there when the flash video starts.

My sound in flash video was working fine before my migration to pulse. I am using opensuse 12.1 and kde 4.7.2.
What do you think I should check next that might be causing that?


Another guide I suggest is a must read for usage with pulse is oldcpu’s guide you can find here:

Pulseaudio Basics for openSUSE with pavucontrol - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

I can also admit that on one desktop PC, before reading this guide, the built-in audio had a similar problem to yours. I decided to go with an add-in sound card by Creative and low and behold, all sound started working. This just means there can be a driver issue with your sound and perhaps nothing will make it work. But, don’t give up just yet as the guide can be very helpful. In addition, updating your kernel version, perhaps up to kernel 3.3.6 can also have a good effect. I found on another PC, sound did not work at all until I started using kernel 3.2 in openSUSE 12.1 which comes with kernel version 3.1 so there are a number of things one could do before throwing in the towel, as they say.

Thank You,