Flash 32 bit on OS 64 bit i can't see any video on youtube

For the moment i see problem only on youtube while using hosting that use flash for some function i haven’t problem.:\

Do you use the flashplayer provided by the package pullin-flashplayer?

No i use the flash directly download by Adobe.

Do you want to try the following?

Remove your flashplayer.
Install pullin-flashplayer

rm -r ~/.adobe /.macromedia

I haven’t that directory.
Yes i known is hide, but i haven’t that directory.

I use only the Flash plugin on Firefox.

you could try 64-bit flash - i use it since appeared with no problems although a prerelease :slight_smile:
uninstall 32-bit flash you have, untar, copy as root libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins and restart browser.

If it possible i prefer avoid it, i have lost 2 days with useless attempt to use flash 64 bit.

Now if I just heard the word “flash” I have a crisis of rejection, I get blisters on the skin, I have headaches, etc. >:(