Flash 10 in Firefox 3 is very slow

Hi, Im on:

Open Suse 11.1 KDE 4 32 bit install
Flash player
Firefox 3.0.5-2.2
NVidia drivers 177.82

Desktop effects are OFF

My flash playback in youtube and other sites is very slow, it may start fast but gets slower and slower during playback. Any help appreciated



What of you launch firefox from a console, it will display all the errors and such !
Could you please post this output for us. There might be usefull information in this log.


Hi, it seems its not flash the one lagging, its all of firefox, even typing this text is slow with or without a flash page loaded, I still dont know whats triggering the slowdown.

My system specs are along this lines:

Intel Q6600
3Gig RAM
NVidia NX8600GTS

Heres what I get when I launch FF from Konsole:



Hello !
What plugin and extension do you use?
Try to disable all your extension and enable them one by one, to see wich one is the one slowing things down.

You could also try to create another firefox profile, to see if it goes wrong too: Profile Manager - MozillaZine Knowledge Base


I found out what is causing the slow down! its the flash rss reader in this page:


Without that page loaded flash runs faster than it ever did for me

thx all for the help