Flash 10 64bits for Linux released!

Penguin.SWF: Now Supporting 16 Exabytes
Adobe Labs - Downloads: Flash Player 10

Release of this alpha version of 64-bit Flash Player on Linux is the first step in delivering upon Adobe’s commitment to make Flash Player native 64-bit across platforms. We chose Linux as our initial platform in response to numerous requests in our public Flash Player bug and issue management system and the fact that Linux distributions do not ship with a 32-bit browser or a comprehensive 32-bit emulation layer by default. Until this prerelease, use of 32-bit Flash Player on Linux has required the use of a plugin wrapper, which prevents full compatibility with 64-bit browsers. With this prelease, Flash Player 10 is now a full native participant on 64-bit Linux distributions. We are committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player to Windows and Mac in future prereleases.

Working great on OpenSuSE 11.1 beta 5. <:)<:)

I never thought I would see this day! Guess I shouldn’t be surprised though. It only took swf-dec finally becoming good enough to use on a daily basis and gnash very close to getting there to push adobe in the right direction.

Working fine in 11.0 as well. Minor issues with firefox crashing but I would love to see this added to NON-OSS repo for 11.1

Cymerio wrote:

> ‘Penguin.SWF: Now Supporting 16 Exabytes’ (http://tinyurl.com/65gurn)
> ‘Adobe Labs - Downloads: Flash Player 10’
> (http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html)
>> Release of this alpha version of 64-bit Flash Player on Linux is the
> Working great on OpenSuSE 11.1 beta 5. <:)<:)
working with Opera and Firefox but not Konqeror

Suse 11.0 x64, Kde 4.1beta (factory repo), Opera 9.x weekly

Finally! I hope they add this to the repos soon.

But how do you actually install it?

I’ve got a tarball containing libflashplayer.so. Where does it go?



First, make sure to uninstall the flash-player from the repo. Then,

cd directory_where_flashplayer_is_unpacked_to
sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib64/browser-plugins

The Dancing Badgers

Works fine in 64bit 11.0 :slight_smile:

it’s working good on opensuse11 kde 4.1 “firefox and Opera” but not on kde4-konqueror…

i never thought i would say “tks adobe” for the first step on the right direction lol…

How has everyones’ experience been compared to using the 32-bit version and nspluginwrapper? Is it worth installing for any reason other than testing or should I wait for a beta?

I haven’t noticed any regression(s) so far by using the 64-bit version only. I don’t even keep the wrapper installed anymore, and everything seems to work as it should.

In fact, it seems to work better. On my machine I’ve always had some problems with the wrapper. It usually worked fine, but every now and then I had to forcefully kill it, and it seemed to make the OS (regardless of distro) somewhat less reliable. It’s too early to tell for sure but it seems to be less of a problem now.

Please take this with a very big grain of salt as we are still talking about a pre-beta release. I installed it on Opensuse 11.0 and so far it works great, and I have had continuous problems with the 32 bit version. I have had stuttering audio and half-loaded video clips from CNN.com/video. This beta seems to take care of all the problems. Please don’t take it as a recommendation. I would never suggest to anyone that they install beta software. It’s a decision that you have to make on your own.

It works in Konq-kde4, but there are issues.

I sometimes get a gray box (though the flash menu is there if I right-click it), and refreshing the page will usually get the animation to actually play. I’ve found this on youtube, the adobe homepage, etc. In fact, there’s already a bug in kde.org about it. Something to do with a race condition.

On the issue side, the previously mentioned right-click menu shows up, but if I select the properties option, the little config menu appears but doesn’t respond to any input. Also, the flash image still lies on top of the web page, so things like drop down menus fall behind it (even on the adobe homepage). This was one of the things that was supposed to be addressed with Flash-10, so is probably a Konq issue.

But it does work. Hopefully as the alpha progresses, support will improve.


I just installed it in 11.1 RC1 on AMD64 and it’s working. Since it’s still alpha as far as Adobe is concerned, I’m not sure it should go into the repositories, but it would be nice to have something available for the release.

Next up – NVidia drivers. :slight_smile: The kernel binary and source need to be the same version for that to work. :slight_smile:

I have it installed for a week now and got a few sites that crash firefox due flash. Performance is better but the crashing is annoying.
But I don’t complain, never expected adobe to make a 64 bits version. Let see if they keep it up to date. O:)

Does it work with konqueror using kde 3.5 (11.1 64 bit)?

I have tried the flash ver 10 32 bit but it doesn’t work for some sites (youtube for example - but is fine on others) - so I have gone back to the previous version.

Can anyone please be so kind and give me a step by step installation how-to.


Bump because it deserves one!

Seems to be smoother in general… but I still can’t play MultiVid 1 Transamerica Ultra Rock properly. Sometimes they black out and hang for a sec.
I’d say it’s progress, but compared to the window version it’s still a piece of junk.

You’re right Axeia it should be bumped.
I hope this isn’t too late for RealLocutus, but here’s a go for a step by step if you use KDE4.
1.go here: Adobe Labs - Downloads: Flash Player 10
go to the bottom of that page dl’d the 64-bit Plugin for Linux.
2.Now start Yast>Software Management in Search type in kde4extractandcompress check it for installation,after it’s done minimize yast
3.open dolphin create a new folder call it libflash64
4. Go to the Desktop folder find the flashplayer plugin then move it into the new folder you created
5.Kmenu>System>File Manager>File Manager Super User Mode or use can also click anywhere on your Desktop select Run Command Type in kdesu
You’ll be prompted for the root password
6.Maximize both user dolphin & root dolphin
7.In your user /home go to the libflash64 folder you made open it
8.right click the libflashplayer tarball select extract here
this’ll get you an item called libflashplayer.so
9.In the root window go to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins
10. Drag & Drop or copy libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib64/browser-plugins Close both dolphin Windows
11.Maximize Yast in the search type in nspluginwrapper delete that Done!
Note: Step 11 is not needed in 11.0 but is needed in 11.1 KDE4
To double check the if all went well go to hulu.com if any NBC show there plays, all went well.
PS:Leave libflash64 in your home you’ll have it if you need it for 11.2;)

Works just fine here and may I say it’s COOL!