Flaky active/inactive input devices in GIMP

I’m assuming for now that this problem is technically an application issue, thus the choice of forums. But if this is more appropriate for the hardware forum, I apologize in advance (and assume it can be moved there?).

I’m running openSUSE 11.4 x86_64. When I am using GIMP, it will regularly stop allowing me to use my mouse or Wacom Intuos 3, forcing me to use my keyboard, but only within dialogs such as for scaling a layer, saving a file, etc. It’s so flaky that the mouse/tablet will work sometimes and not sometimes, back and forth, within one “session” of using GIMP. It’s driving me nuts. Sometimes I struggle with the keyboard (a struggle because it’s indirect and sometimes counter-intuitive), other times I’ll close the dialog and re-open it to see if that time the mouse (or tablet) will work. From what I’ve seen, I’ll either be able to use both or not able to use both, rather than only having the mouse but not the tablet or vice versa.

Any help having consistent use of my input devices other than the keyboard would be really appreciated!

what version of gimp ?
2.6.11 (stable) or the testing only 2.7.2

and how did you install it ?
zypper or build from source

Sorry, that was dumb to not include that info up front.

GIMP version: 2.6.11
Installation method: I’m not sure, as it’s been awhile, but definitely did not build it from source. It’s important for my work* so it’s one of my always-install apps. My first assumption is that it was one of the packages that I installed when I originally set up openSUSE (I had 11.3 before, but I wiped everything and did a fresh install). If that wasn’t available, I’m sure I would have added it immediately after, presumably through YaST2/Software Management.

  • So why wait to ask? Well, I actually wasn’t aware of these forums until today. {oops}

It’s so flaky that the mouse/tablet will work sometimes and not sometimes, back and forth

the usb cable is not bad is it ?

ok the repo version ( i build from source – very old habit from 2002)

so your desktop is ? kde4 or Gnome3

suse tends to be KDE centric so guessing KDE ( i use gnome2 )

if you are on KDE then it might be something with GTK ?

– dumb question but…–
“Wacom Intuos 3” is set as a input device in gimp ? right ?

– right now i am just guessing –
hardware ? maybe
a gtk issue ?

I can’t guarantee that’s the case at this point, but the fact that both the Logitech trackball and the Wacom tablet, which are connected separately, will be affected at the same time, I tend to think it’s not the cable itself. The trackball and keyboard are running through a KVM, and that would seem to not be the problem since the keyboard continues working. However, the setup is fairly complex for troubleshooting, so I think I will reconnect things to take the KVM (and anything else that isn’t necessary) out of the picture and see if that changes things.

GNOME 2 – per gnome-about, it’s 2.32.1

Yes, the cursor, eraser, pad, and stylus are all set up and active in the Extended Input Devices dialog, and I’m able to draw and such with it. It’s just the dialog boxes (open, save, scale, etc.) that are problematic, which is why I originally considered this to be a software problem.