flakey internet connection through Suse11

Hi all ,
I have taken the plunge and installed suse 11 from the dvd. I have a asus p5n32=e sli motherboard and leaving evething at default I was not able to connect to the internet.

So having this problem in the past I fired up a terminal and entered this as root

gedit /etc/modprobe.d/forcedeth

then add this to a file
options forcedeth msi=0 msix=0

saved the file and rebooted. Now when I try and use firefox I can get a limited connection to the suse site but I cannot connect to google or any other site like gmail. Firefox is set to no proxy underconnections , the connections manager is default using dhcp. Another odd point to not is Pidgin seems to work ok with an aim account , msn messenger will not work or connect at all.

I have got all the updates installed with some difficulties connections dropping out etc. I know my internet connection is good as windows xp works fine with any site.

any ideas ?

Is this an on-board eth.?

Did you run Yast>Network Devices>Network Settings? And try to configure your device?

Check what it say about your hardware here:
Hardware - openSUSE

Try a PCI eth card if you have one

Thankyou for the quick reply. I looked at the HardWare list my board is listed as working I have a good bios.

Did you run Yast>Network Devices>Network Settings? And try to configure your device?

yes I looked at that , its set to DCHP and everything else is default the router handles everything.I wish I had a spare ethernet card to test all this out. So odd how it works / doesn’t work


try disabling ipv6 if it’s not already

you do it for FF only by going to

or system wide via Yast sysconfigEditor

more details


easiest way to disable IPV6 is through the Yast -> network devices ->
Network settings -> Global Settings tab.

Should see a checkbox for ‘enable / disable IPV6’ (or something like that)

Will need to reboot after disabling IPV6 so the various modules will be
removed from use.