Fixing components related to software snapshot “20221013”

I came along the need to try another software repair out by the means of the image “openSUSE-Tumbleweed-KDE-Live-x86_64-Snapshot20221013-Media.iso”.

I could configure my software repositories then.
The screen “Installation Settings” was finally presented with the following hint after a promising automatic software package selection.


Analysing your system…”

The following information was displayed by a dialogue box.

YaST2 <2>


Execution of command ""/usr/bin/grub2-editenv", "list"]]" failed.
Exit code: 1
Error output: /usr/bin/grub2-editenv: error: failed to get canonical path of `/boot/grub2'.

I was informed somewhere that this installation software supports a keyboard shortcut (which is documented in a questionable way) for the access to debug data.
Would you like to point it out once more? :\

I hope that I can avoid to fiddle with the boot parameter “startshell=1” for the corresponding data logging.

See also bug reports:

How will the chances evolve to improve the situation further?

Try to bump the mentioned bugreport.

Would you like to influence affected software components any more? :\

No, not really. Is this thread going to be the start of some form of Turing test?

This is a pity, isn’t it?

Is this thread going to be the start of some form of Turing test?


I would find it nice if solution progress would be indicated for mentioned open issues. :\

That’s what bugreports are for…

:\ I am curious how the clarification will be continued for the bug report “Fix determination for canonical path of “/boot/grub2” (by a distribution upgrade)”.

Unlikely, you need to test with the 20221015 snapshot and report the success or failure on you bug report. All conversation needs to be there, not in the Forum.