Fixed zypper dup by brute force, not knowledge

For some time now, zypper dup wants to update intel-e1000e-kmp-default. But, it fails, saying they can’t get it from the hardware repository. My solution was to say ignore. The update continues, saying it completed with errors. I reboot and thinking all is ok, just keep working. The next time I zypper dup, it reports thousands of updates needed. I accept and continue but most of the files are in cache, not downloaded. The intel error comes again, I choose ignore again and the update continues. But, once again, after reboot, the next zypper dup has even more updates but most are in cache.

I opened yast and tried to change the version of the file to see if that would work. It did not. The situation stayed as described as above. Yast did not show that this file was installed. So, it is trying to force install. My next approach was to have yast block the install of this file. Now, the update works and after the reboot, the files have been installed and there are none in cache. However, zypper dup reports that the intel file is blocked. Through all of this, the computer operated normally. None of this happened on my laptop which has the same updated Tumbleweed.