Fix KDE Control Bar


by accident I have deleted the icon/widget/mini programme that shows the open applications in the control bar. Switching between applications can only be done via <Alt-tab> at present.
I am using openSUSE 11.1/KDE 4.?.?.

How do put those icons back into the control bar? The <add mini programme> widget does not
show any item that looks like it provides the application switching function.



Unlock widgets (right click desktop)
Click on the right corner of bottom Panel to open edits
Add widgets
Add Task Manager (I think thats what you are wanting)

Hi Caf,

Thanks. But the panel showing all widgets (Mini Programme in German) does not contain an item ‘Task Manager’. I did check thorougly. Can I download the widget from the web, repositories, DVD etc?

Can one reset the control bar to ‘standard’ or so?



A possible solution is to start a new .kde4 folder - but we do this by re-naming so you can fetch some settings you may need.

Login to CLI and do

mv /home/username/.kde4 .kde4old

(username = must be your username)

When you login it will be like the first time. The only settings I would bring in if you need to are non-plasma/ desktop config.

Sorry, but I am afraid that did not help either. Isn’t the Task Manager an application ‘KXxxxxxxxxx’ that one can manually ‘install’ on the control bar?