Fix Grub to See other Partitions and boot into W7

Hi guys ,
I am asking for your help since I messed up the grub loader trying to repair my windows partition, and in the end i ended with no boot tables , so made an “update” from a Opensuse 12.3 disk I had around and I was able to go into Suse again , but now when I turn on my PC i cant see the option on grub to go into windows partition , could any one of you gusy help me around with this plz . I really dont like much Windows 7 but need it for some programs and stuff I use at my work that only run in Windows.

Hope you can help me

From a terminal get us the result of the following

su -
fdisk -l

and in the same terminal

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg