Fix for broken tumbleweed upgrade to kernel 6.4.6

I did the zypper dup today on my tumbleweed guests (hosts are 15.5 and tumbleweed).
The boot locked up with a bunch of “bad” messages.
I reset the VM and booted the previous kernel (6.4.4) - the vm came all the way up.
In researching what went wrong - I saw that the initrd for 6.4.6 was way too small
so I typed “sudo mkinitrd” - when it finished - initrd was about the correct size and I rebooted.
Now tumbleweed came up with kernel 6.4.6.

Hopes this helps anyone with this problem.

Tumbleweed guest should ne on 7.0.10 virtualbox as any Tumbleweed host running OpenSUSE.

mkinitrd had been deprecated before it was retired from TW. How do you still have this command?

The replacement command to generate initrd for all available kernels is dracut --regenerate-all. TW upgrades always use dracut directly now.

@awerlang a lot of folks kept a copy of the script :wink:

It is still on all my Tumbleweed machines - I guess I saved it and put it back in /usr/sbin.

It does work fine. I have noted the dracut --regenerate-all is the replacement

No, the replacement command is

dracut --regenerate-all --force

That’s exactly the command I saved to .bash_history, but I was wondering for a while since force re-generating feels a bit silly, so I posted without -f. Anyways, thanks for the correction.

Well, you are welcome to submit an issue to dracut upstream project.