Fitbit Flex and Galileo

Anyone know if this is doable in Leap 15?
Lots of web content, but some confusing variations as to if it will or won’t.
I do know it requires a python setup, and that is part of my confusion.

Hi Bill,

Re. the HP Aio : Install hplip, then run

su -c hp-setup

If you want to use it over the network, I suggest the third option, i.e. connecting it through USB, then setup the wifi address. The installer will do the rest. You may need to run YaST > Hardware > Scanner once to activate scanning over the network as well.

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I have the Galileo app in my Testing repository… it works with the fitbit flex…

I’ve enabled the Leap 15.0 build for you to try out.

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Thanks for the responses.
I found out I had a python version in the range needed & I found that ‘pip’ was in Leap 15 already as well.
So, I installed Galileo using the pip command line found in

Then dug into the Galileo documentation on the
I did the copy thing to the /etc/udev/rules.d directory.

I root changed the 99-fitbit.rules file per instructions on the Galileo pages) to allow for user privileges on the executable.
Now to find a way to make it more universal for multiple users.

There is a reference to something in a ‘contrib’ directory(I assume in the Galileo somewhere) for systemd that I did not understand.

It is in and working well as root(and a user), but I had a bit of a problem(still do) understanding how and when it syncs.

All in all not as bad as I thought it was going to be to get it in and working. This is probably the only thing still needed to get Leap on my wife’s laptop! Yah!!

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