First time with BTRFS and XFS on SSD, any advice on a good healthy disk

As the title says, please give me some good advice.

Thanks in advance.

Use it and enjoy :slight_smile:

In another thread there was a link to some recent tips, eg disabling the systemd readahed service, I don’t do much, wind the swapiness down, everything else is as default. The balance and trim is taken care of weekly. Just configure the snapper numbers in /etc/snapper/configs/root.

Well, as you said, I’ll just use and enjoy it:)

Another question, when I installed the os, under the presented partitioning scheme
I disabled snapshot and after that I went to expert partitioner and did my own.
By doing what I did, does it disable the snapshot function, even I went to create my own
partitioning scheme?

Also in /etc/defult/grub I see this line


Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help/suggestion.

Just change it to false and then run;

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

If you decide to enable snapshots, then set it back to true and re-run the command. Even if you set the ‘number’ type snapshots to a couple and then at least if something really screws up the system you can at least then boot?

You can also configure snapper for user snapshots, so if you make changes and it fails for the user then you can rollback… it does have it’s uses…