First time suse user.problem with wireless network!

Hello folks

I just installed openSuse 11 on my laptop(HP DV 600, Amd 64), i installed the 64 bit version and i can’t connect to the wireless internet, questions i have are:

1 - is there anyway to see a list of available wireless networks, the way i can see them on Win or Mac.

2 - How can i setup the wireless network, i followed the instruction from Andrew18 and it didn’t help, my network still can’t be connected!

I am trying to connect to a wireless network that i use with my Windows and mac and i use a Static IP, also i have the DNS server and the default gateway, can someone please put me through a step by step work flow.


1 ) are you using Gnome or Kde ?
2 ) what wireless device do you have ? post the output of /sbin/lspci or,su to root & post the output of lsusb if it is a usb device
also, have you had a peek at the stickies in the wireless section ? lots of useful info there