First time Password Change Option at login via openldap

Hello Everyone

I want to configure openldap password policy. so that Users can change their password Forcefully At First time login.
I am using openldap2-2.4.44-14.1.x86_64 version.
I had tried to configure with** yast2 auth-server >> databases >> dc=domain-name**>>password policy configuration**
clicked on enable password policy >> edit policy >>Clicked OK >> Clicked OK

got Error

error while committing the change to config databases

in details it prints

Other (e.g., implementation specific) error: <olcAccess> handler exited with 1

Every thing Other than that Working properly. We are able to login via ldap authentication and able to self change password. but first login password change option not working in opensuse leap 42.2.

password policy Works in SLES 12 SP2 properly.

Please Help To Resolve this issue …!!

Open bug report. It is possible that Leap is missing some SLE fixes, which would be the simplest case.