First Post - Download Problems

This is my first post. OpenSUSE looks great.
But ‘looks’ is the operative word here as I haven’t even got to installation stage yet. I am having big problems just downloading.
I tried a straight DL through Firefox first but it crashed about ten times so I moved it into JDownloader where I can re-start from the crash.
The connection is forever crashing however - after about every two megabytes I have to ‘resume’. I have been doing this for more than a day and am not even half way there. I must have restarted over a hundred times. Other Dls and my own Internet connection run fine.
Is this normal?

You are having trouble downloading the cd or the dvd?

What Operating System are you using?
What type of format is the disk partition where the download is being saved to?

Have you considered bittorrent?

The CD. My Pc will not burn DVDs.
Kubuntu 9.04
I think it’s an ext2 format.
I can’t get the Kubuntu bittorrent to work.

Where in the world are you located?

Are you using high speed internet?

I know this is off post but I can’t resist.
I hail from Salford, UK but haven’t been over there for 12 years. You live in a beautiful part of the world that I miss so much. My heart skipped a beat when I read ‘the English Lakes’.

Well, back on post.
I am downloading from Florianopolis, Brazil.
I am using ADSL. Downloads usually come in at around 26kps.

Salford eh! Where all those Matchstick men are from:)

I’m going to give you a link to try first, but I need to know - are you wanting kde or gnome and are you 32 bit or 64 bit?

For example, I have had to ‘resume’ four times already since starting this thread five minutes ago.
I have a rapidhsare DL running also and it is fine.
Over the course of the last 24 hours, I have tried DLing OpenSUSE exclusively but it makes no difference.
The Ubuntu DL page lists the Federal University here (UFSC) as the nearest server. Obviously OpenSUSE does not give the option to choose the server but maybe it is coming from there.

“He painted kids on the corner of the str…”

KDE, 32 bit

The .iso

The md5sum

Mirror List

Bittorrent is really the best option though

You may have been redirected to a rather unreliable host (clicking on connects you with a local server which may or may not be adequate) of these images. I recommend to download it with a torrent client. You will connect with the http server anyway through that torrent client and keep the image correct with no chance of corruption.

Maybe this will help you understand bittorrent a little better. But obviously it’s written with openSUSE in mind, but the principles remain the same.
A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots) - openSUSE Forums

Okay Caf,
UFPR is the Federal University of the next state to here. They are a bit more organised up there. I’ll try them.
If not, I don’t know which will be quicker - keep pressing ‘resume’ or configuring that ****ed bittorrent client.
Thanks for your help and enjoy the rest of your ahem, ‘summer’.

No worries. Good luck.

You could always consider looking in a store for a PC magazine with dvd including openSUSE. Maybe not much R$

Just out of interest cos Rodriguez’s comment - “and keep the image correct with no chance of corruption” - has got me worried.
Does the OpenSUSE install CD have one of those ‘check if your CD is correct’ options like Ubuntu does?
If I go the ‘resume’ route and it takes another two days to finish, I at least want to know if it is going to work.

P.S. Fat chance of a store where I am. Maybe a ‘Guide to Fishing Hooks’ or ‘Mountain Rifles’ but I’d have no luck with an OS CD. And even if there was one, they’d nick it before anyone bought the mag.

There is a md5sum in one of the posts I gave you, you can check that in k3b. When you load a .iso in k3b it will spew out a md5sum which should match the one given by openSUSE.

Then when you have actually burned the media and boot the cd there is a Media Check boot option - which will check the cd a is good burn.

The advantage of Bittorrent is that it will not suffer from any inconsistency in your connection as it will hash check and re-download any missing bits. All you then have to do is burn it properly!
Have a read here: NEWBIES - Suse-11.1 Pre-installation – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums

P.S. Fat chance of a store where I am. Maybe a ‘Guide to Fishing Hooks’ or ‘Mountain Rifles’ but I’d have no luck with an OS CD. And even if there was one, they’d nick it before anyone bought the mag.

So you are ‘Backwoodsy’ and folks are a bit light fingered! Um…

Seriously. Learn bittorrent - you’ll not regret it.

OK, will do that. I’ll have a look into Bittorrent tomorrow, it seems the best bet by all accounts.
Thanks again for your help and hope to see you around here when I finally get it running.