First page of .pdf files appears blank

Here’s a really, REALLY odd one for you linux pros:

In v11.0 running Gnome, approximately 50% of .pdf files that I open show a blank first page. (The page isn’t actually blank)

This happens in both evince and okular.

And the REALLY odd part (odd to me, anyway): A snapshot of the first page is being used as the icon for all .pdf files. So it’s there, it’s just not being displayed when I open the file, regardless of the program I use.

I reinstalled evince from the repo … no help.

I need to see the first page of my .pdf documents! They usually contain really important information (e.g,. titles, authorship, research abstracts, etc.). Any help would be appreciated.

I have that here sometimes too using Evince. What helps here is (un)maximizing the application window.

Well to be picky, the fact that the thumbnail is there doesn’t prove that the page is there since the preview could be separate. But I do believe the first page is there. Does it appear if you go forward and back again? What viewers have you tried? acroread? xpdf? If only evince (since you say you reinstalled that) I would suspect a evince bug. Haven’t seen such a problem with acroread or xpdf.