First Impressions from a Semi-new Linux User

Two words

Very nice!

I have used linux off and on for years, mostly as a “playing around system” and bought suse back when it was odd geometic shapes on the cover, instead of the Lizard. also bought 10.1 box set, then i had some hardware issues, and by the time I recived a working computer, I didn’t want to mess around with it too much, even if I hated vista (XP was ok, vista is well, groanworthy) and I saw that 11.1 was out, and I downloaded 11.1 and after getting the partition finished, I sat down and got ready for the install.

The Install (start 5:05)

I put the disk in, and since my bios reads the CD first, it pops up to the nice opensuse splash screen. I click though, and while it did take me 4 mins to figure out how to tell SuSE that I already have a 75 gig partition for it, and not to resize anything. but once I figure out how to do it (It was far more simple then I thought) I click next, pick GNOME since I never used gnome, and a lot of KDE supporters are saying wait for the 4.x to be more stable (which in linux terms is still better then vista most likely) and then I let it pick the packages and I click install.

The bars fill, then it loads up, says it needs to restart, and suddenly, SuSE is running, detecting my sound, internet, and other hardware without a blink.

and it only 6:10 - the most painless install of a OS I have ever done!

Takes five mins to rescale the desktop, and I hope on google and google-fu me a nice wallpaper (Suse Dragon).

Suse reconized the Windows directorys, and mounted them, so I go over to the Mp3 folder, and click on one, nothing happens. so I think for a second, then remember that some audio and video codecs are not open source, and you have to install them, so I find on a suse site a one click install, and Yast does it magic, and with one click multimedia is enabled.

Now I am just enjoying Suse and working out where all the software is at, and figuring out Gnome,

Sorry if it is rambling, just enjoying that my computer has been uncorked and running as it should, that is, flawlessly!

I suspect over time that vista partition will slowly disappear!


Glad you had such a great experience with it :slight_smile: I’m also quite new to Linux and recently got openSUSE on the laptop while running ubuntu on my main.

Trust me, the feeling of wiping of windows completely is great, haven’t missed it one tiny bit.

Was it a LiveCD or a DVD you installed from?

Sounds like you had a good experience! Good to hear!

It was from the DVD, I made a 75 gig parition before I started and installed it off a DVD burned from a image.