First impression of openSUSE 11.3 - post install

OMG!!! this was a fast fast fast setup and install, took longer to dnload the DVD image than to run the setup.

I didn’t even have to dnload any addl drivers, sw or utilites. AND EVERYTHING WORKS the first time!! Even the dual monitor setup worked the first time with the ATI video I have and that has never happened on any Linux distro. incl. Ubuntu.

Had to mess around a little with the display settings and turned off the desktop effects (they are pretty and interesting but don’t need em).

As always I just love the Gnome desktop and its simplicity. KDE is nice and pretty inpressive, but I don’t really need all those fancy features. I just want a desktop that works for me and this has surpassed everything I wanted or asked for.

The folks on the devel. team, get a major “atta boy” from me!!!

Agreed, and also installed from DVD image. With intel graphics on my notebook, I had to mess with precisely nothing for display resolution as it was all auto configured with appropriate driver. Just had to select KDE desktop effects, and configure font settings for dpi, anti-aliasing, and sub-pixel rendering/hinting. Then it was straight on to the multimedia and Packman’s stuff to complete a see mingly faultless, fast, and good looking installation.

I installed from NET using the repo (my known nearest) and so far I’m quite pleased with it.

It seems to be a VERY slim install (only 729 packages installed).

Seems pretty quick, and memory usage is 200M with Chromium open with Pandora Running… (along with a terminal)…

Not too shabby.