First Day!

he, I’m Eric new here on this community so any one welcome me, other hand I really like to discuss on interesting topic and know people interest on different topics

Hello Eric !

And welcome to the OpenSUSE Forums.
I am too relatively new here.
All i can tell you is that it is a great community.


Welcome to openSUSE! I think you will find that this forum makes using a great OS even better. Having looked around at forums on other distros, it is obvious that this is the best place to be.


Fellow Newbie here! Very wholesome forum!

nice to see u all here ive used it for a while but i hope u all enjoy it as much as i do :slight_smile:

Newbie here as well, welcome.

Welcome aboard.

thank you all i very much enjoy the new look of the forum at first i was annoyed but its fine although i feel it could use a bit more color instead of so much white but thats just my opinion.