First car ??

I know this is a bit weird asking on this forum lol but i just passed my driving test and was wondering about which car i should get, anyone have any suggestions?

I will be usually doing city driving so nothing too big. My budget is 12k at max. BTW I love alot of tech so thats a big plus for me rotfl!

o yeah live in UK and i meant £12000 pound rotfl!

Kia ceed
What do you think? ( it has an usb port )

12K on your first car. Good grief!! I had a Renault 8 that had been to hell and back.
Obviously the ‘think Green’ policy is having no effect on the young generation today?! / UK - Electric car buyers to get £5,000 grant

Yes £12000 is a lot for your first car mine was a 1957 beetle that i bought for a ton (that’s £100 for the ton brits;))
I would go for something that is kind on the environment if i was you.

I stoped using the dirty things 2 years ago :slight_smile:


I have no idea what car prices are in the UK. If you can buy one in your money range, a Honda Civic is an excellent choice. Do all car makers supply cars which drive in UK?

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: i no its a lot for a first car but should last me a while :). The kia ceed and honda civic are both nice cars :smiley: will consider them. I have been looking on Home - What Car? Helping you buy better for there reviews. Anyone driven a ford fiesta, it got a good review and its quite green , but the actual user reviews are putting me off.

Answering the question to the last post. The UK has all the big car companies here, so if the company is internationally known its probably in uk.

Oh yeah the electric car… even with that extra money from government , they look **** ugly dont you think ?:frowning:

My Son (one of them) is a Mechanic.
Absolutely the best car’s??? HONDA. Without a shadow of a doubt.


On 4/17/2009 11:36 AM, caf4926 wrote:
> My Son (one of them) is a Mechanic.
> Absolutely the best car’s??? HONDA. Without a shadow of a doubt.
Hehe…funny how people’s experiences change their opinions over others.
I have a '06 Honda Civic and can’t wait to get rid of it. First Honda I
ever owned, had a Ford, Chevy and 2 Jeeps in the past that never gave me
issues. Next car I look at will most likely be a Nissan if I stay with
an import, or go back to a Jeep which was the best I ever had.If so I
would definitely look into changing the fuel system.

What makes you want to get rid of it so badly ?? The look , feel etc ?? and what makes you want to get a nissan ?? Theres no way i can get a jeep btw :stuck_out_tongue: Its quite hard to decide on a car :\

I think the 2009 Ford Fiesta is a very sexy car. Not sure about the technology in it tho :slight_smile:

I drive a 2005 Fiesta and it’s mechanically very sound. Has never failed me yet. My 95 Fiesta I had before that was my first car. Bought it for 1300 Euro in 2004. Drove it for a year without to many problem other than wear and tear. If I had the money and the will I would buy the 2009 model.

On 4/17/2009 5:36 PM, friendlyed wrote:
> [snip]
> What makes you want to get rid of it so badly ?? The look , feel etc ??
> and what makes you want to get a nissan ?? Theres no way i can get a
> jeep btw :stuck_out_tongue: Its quite hard to decide on a car :
More personal experience then mechanical. Its been an idiot magnet, had
1 person drive through a stop sign into it, had another person scatter
the drivers side mirror all over the street/sidewalk and had another
brain surgeon run over a front grill on the highway which kicked it up
and almost went through my windshield at 70 mph (113 kph). After driving
for 11 years in other cars, 2 of which as my full time job, and never
having any issue like these…the last 4 in the Civic I just want to

On the flipside, the civic is decent on gas. I average about 27-30 miles
per gallon. If doing a long highway drive it gets even better. I drove
about 450 miles from New York to Maine on about 3/4 of a tank.

As for the Nissan, I had a Sentra as a rental when the Civic was getting
fixed. It was an automatic, had nice pick up and the CVTCS was great. I
don’t feel a switch into the next gear since it technically never does.
Smooth as can be.

Went to look at a load of cars today, toyota, renault , honda, ford, nissan, peugeot , even went to carcraft (that had a bit of everything)

The two best cars i found were the honda civic (SE) and the ford fiesta (titanium model). Both are 1.4 litre manuals 5 door. Hopefully will get a chance to test drive them tomorrow and decide :stuck_out_tongue:

Take the Fiesta :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll like it. I’m sure lol!

If you are paying Cash. Insist on a discount. You used to be able to get 12%, but I would think you’ll be lucky to get that these day’s, the margins are much tighter.
That would be a better option than say if they were offering interest free credit. With interest rates so low, 0% finance is not much of an offer. And they would be most unlikely to give you both the discount and 0%. Though it might let you stick most of your 12K in savings account.
Savings Accounts: Earn over 4% on your cash…

Let’s say you get 5% discount (to be conservative) - off a 10K+ car =£500+

Also check
Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1.4 TDCi Titanium 5dr Equipment Review - What Car?
Notice the target price

Thanks for the link (didnt see it b4), it told me the dealer selling me the ford fiesta was actually giving me quite a good offer :P. The offer was £12,725 for the car with 16" alloys and bluetooth included.

The honda guy was a bit reluctant on phone compared with the ford dealer :\ and told me the new honda was £14,822 and he could go down to 14,500 with no extras. He then said he might be able to get cheaper if i came in. Honda Civic Hatchback 1.4 i-DSI SE 5dr Equipment Review - What Car? >:(

I will prob get the honda dealer down to the target price,but if not will go to another honda dealer.

Also might try and set 2 ford dealers against each other since the ford salesman was like if you find anything cheaper at another dealer we will do our best to match or do better :D.

for a new car btw at that price for the ford. My parents said they are willing to go a bit more :smiley: than 12k i also realised now that the honda is way past my budget. If i decide on that will just get a 2008 preowned one

You’re spending that much. My first/current is an old Ford Ka. Cheap insurance.

So what did you get? Pictures please :slight_smile: