'Firmware Test' failures.

Hi, all.

Just booted the installation DVD and was intrigued by the ‘Test Firmware’ option (just found this http://linuxfirmwarekit.org/).

I ran this and received 5 failures and 3 warnings. Being mindful of the community continually striving to improve hardware support, I wondered whether this information can be submitted anywhere to aid development?

Can anyone help?

(BTW, is this feature/ package available outside of SuSe, as I have a few other boxes that are already build (mainly GNU/Debian), that I’d love to run the same test on, without rebooting using the SuSe DVD?)



I wouldn’t read too much into it. It has always been grossly outdated. The latest version is only using 2.6.22 to run the tests. Opensuse 11.2 is using 2.6.31. In terms of driver and ACPI updates and improvements, that would be like 100 years. All three of my HP machines work flawlessly with most distros, but fail the firmware tests. If you read the how to on their website, it shows you how to customize the iso. You could add the latest kernel, and get better test results. Personally, if it works and there are no errors from your dmesg output, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ok, many thanks. Just wondered whether I could help improve things by reporting items that seem to be broken.

Cheers, again.