Firewire on Acer Travelmate 8210 Problem

Hi to All,

I want to install OpenSUSE 13.2 on my older Notebook. At boot time, i run into a black screen. After adding “blockmodules=firewire_ohi” installation run forward. Now i still get the message “activating ieee1394 …” an the installation stops.
Any idea?


What video does that machine have??

It is a ATI Mobility Radeon X1600.

Why does it work with Sles11??

That is a totally different (though related) OS. Different kernels, drivers, etc

Why did you use

In most cases it is a video driver problem . I guess you know how to modify the boot so add nomodeset. See if that works.

Note I don’t think the propritary AMD drive is working yet so nomodeset may be the only option until it is available. There is always some scramble to get drivers functional after a new release. NVIDA drivers where a problem for 13.1 for a couple of weeks.

ok, with nomodeset there is nothing else …
with brokenmodules=firewire_ohci i come to the point “Activating ieee1394 …” and then it hang.
Fedora 20 run with the bootoption rd.driver.blacklist=firewire_ohci

I think, there is no Problem with the GPU.

Is it perhaps a hybrid ie both ATI and Intel graphics??

No, it is a notebook with no other hardware.
I wish, i could turn off this **** firewire in bios… but i can not

Well the AMD driver is finally available. Try booting to terminal (run level 3 at boot) If you can then run yast and add this repo then add the fglrx driver

sorry, but how can i boot to runlevel 3 from DVD?

Its an older ATI Graphics, fglrx will not work.

I can run Fedora20 with the bootoption rd.driver.blacklist=firewire_ohci.
I cannot beleave, there is no chance to install Opensuse.

Well different things are hummm different

I use NVIDIA so I always forget what AMD considers old and obsolete. But yes that card has dropped off the supported list some time ago.

The old drivers no longer compile with the new kernels so there is no help there. OS radeon driver may not support older cards either since they have a hard enough time keeping up with the new chip sets.

Have you tried Fedora 21 the current version? my guess is that it will no longer work

ok, i think you are right.
I tested Fedora 21 with more ore less same error.
It’s a shame, i think Linux run on every Hardware.
So, i must life with Fedora 20 on my Notebook.

Thanks for your support!


Some things are just too old and support for them becomes a problem to support a small handful of people still trying to run very old hardware. You could maybe run with just the VGA driver (that should work) but it really is not the best driver and you may not be happy with its limits.