Firewire Card 11.2 ohci1394 fw-host0 reg timeout

I have just install a PCI-E firewire card and when I rebooted the startup was delayed and an error of ohci1394 fw-host0 reg timeout came up on boot the desktop was unusable and composting would fail. To get the computer to boot and usable I had to blacklist module ohci1394 or remove the card ??. Now once the computer is booted and in terminal modprobe ohci1394 the system starts running slow again.
I have read some of the forums but no luck for problem is there any one how could help me thanks.

while booting a message of **“ohci1394: fw-host0: Set PHY Reg timeout [0xffffffff/0x00004000/100]” **comes up ??? :’(