Firewalld not starting on boot - set to start On Boot in YaST Services Manager

Yes with portmaster.service. Portmaster is also a firewall.

Mar 10 12:05:27 SimorghSUSE systemd[1]: portmaster.service: Installed new job portmaster.service/start as 284

You cannot have two firewalls active at the same time. It is non-deterministic which one of two conflicting units will be left for activating on startup. It is up to you to decide what you will be using.

By uninstalling/removing portmaster, would it solve the problem, or is there a work around?

Thank you

I am not sure I even understand the question. Workaround for what? You installed this software, so presumably you want to use it. Or what you are asking?

To have both working. But I can uninstall portmaster, because if causes problem, or until I figure how to run both.
I appreciate your time and help. At least I know now what the culprit is.

Greatly appreciated

So I ended up disabling portmaster.service so at least it doesn’t interfere with firewalld.
Thank you for your help @arvidjaar