firewalld ipset

Firewalld not install ipsets after update (I’ve made it today 20220801)

Log file:

2022-08-01 09:37:09 WARNING: ipset not usable, disabling ipset usage in firewall.
2022-08-01 09:37:09 ERROR: Failed to load user configuration. Falling back to full stock configuration.
2022-08-01 09:37:09 ERROR: INVALID_TYPE: ‘hash:net’ is not supported by ipset.

I use iptables and wicked

I’ve found strange pointer to the ipset and fix it. The firewall is configured now.



[FONT=monospace]---     2022-07-26 19:50:08.000000000 +0200 
+++ 2022-08-01 10:10:59.933465250 +0200 
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ 
     "ipv6-restore": "/sbin/ip6tables-restore", 
     "eb":           "/bin/false", 
     "eb-restore":   "/bin/false", 
-    "ipset":        "/bin/false", 
+    "ipset":        "/sbin/ipset", 
     "modprobe":     "/sbin/modprobe", 
     "rmmod":        "/sbin/rmmod", 


It is not a bug.

Thu Jul 14 09:07:58 UTC 2022 - Thomas Renninger <>

- Also remove ipset, ebtables and iptables from the BuildRequires
  list (compare with change from 2022-03-03 - Thorsten Kukuk <>)

If you have valid reasons to require deprecated ipset with iptables, you should open bug report.

Recommended backend is nftables which does not need or use ipset binary.