firewalld and nftables backend

With the latest tumbleweed snapshot (20201209) I see that the default backend for firewalld is now set as nftables.

On my system I use iptables backend and I added some rules for vlan managing and a ppp internet connection.
In firewalld I see that my rules rules are present in the tab direct config and subtabs rules and passtrough.
These rules are saved in/etc/firewalld/direct.xml

Should I migrate to nftables?
If yes should it be automatically done by changing the backend or do I need to translate the rules?
I see that I can translate iptables to nftables via iptables-translate.
The example given in the man is

root@machine:~# iptables-save > save.txt
root@machine:~# iptables-restore-translate -f save.txt
root@machine:~# iptables-restore-translate -f save.txt > ruleset.nft
root@machine:~# nft -f ruleset.nft

but the first command save all firewalld settings + the specific rules that I added.
Is this needed or can I just change the backend from itptables to nftables and add my rules translated?

Many thanks in advance

Thank you for this usefull link.

I’ll try to change the backend and see if all internal and external connections work.
I’ll report the result.
I see that there is a file firewalld.conf.rpmnew with the nftables backend as change.
So I suppose that for some complex settings the change cannot be done automatically but I have only 10 direct rules and 1 passtrough.:slight_smile: