Firewall Suse 11.1

I just looking about 1/2 hour to config. the fire wall.I like to change from High


to Higher secure can we still change it.
Please can one of you help me.

Tnx for trying helping me.


I’m not aware of any such setting.

The default install should be fine. The only holes in it are the ones you make manually yourself. SSH might be enabled, which you can disable in System Runlevel Services

And if you have a router before that then what are you concerned about?

Ah, but there’s a Super Maxi Secret setting: Unplug computer from power. lol!

PS: Works with Windows too. rotfl!

My telephone company give internet access with router;)

rotfl!rotfl!rotfl! that is very good one.
What about only turn off the computer over night?

I wouldn’t trust anything a telephone company had given me. First thing I would do is hack that and set it up myself or better still just buy one of your own. But maybe you better leave well alone if you don’t know what I’m on about.

Relax and enjoy suse

Yes I don`t know a friend of my advice me to use suse and he is with linux about for 10years and his computer run 24/7 no one hack in his computer.He use ISP Modem with router.No problem.

Thank you for you big,big help


That’s a good idea, it will save you money on power bills. Don’t underestimate the cost of electricity. Where I live, I estimate that for every W of power I don’t consume 24/7, it will save me $1 per year. And of course you produce less CO2, unless you are buying renewable energy.

Relax and enjoy Linux. Have a good holiday season.

I live in a condo suite,I have money to get a Solar panels in few years it is payed off.But in a condo Solar panel hmmm.