firewall status of Eth0 and Wlan during and after installation

I get connected to the internet via a router. The router dials to my provider and is connected to my computers via LAN and WLAN (mostly WLAN, see below). A few days ago I installed Suse11.2 to an old laptop (connected both ways: ethernet with wire and wireless ethernet).

The access to the online repositories worked only after I added the LAN-Adapter (Eth0) to the Demilitarised Zone of the firewall (I did also with the WLAN Adapter).

  1. Is this normal?

  2. Should I add the network devices now to an other zone?

I want to update my main laptop now from openSuse11.1 to 11.2 via new installation (from DVD) and make this installation right.

Or should I install only the data on the DVD and update after the installation via Yast?
(My main laptop has also an loose contact at the ethernet adapter.)

Greetings pistazienfresser

Now I am using (on my main laptop = Samsung X20) openSuse 11.1 and Gnome 2.24.1 (mostly, 1 account is using KDE) and Kernel Linux “/home” is on an separated partition (as part of an extended partition). I have also 2 NTFS partitions for Windows XP (System and Data), and a FAT, a root (/) and a swarp partition. My router is a AVM fritzbox 7270 (firewall should be included).

Normal practice is to put the network interfaces in the external zone. Does that work?

Graphic Yast > firewall
eth0=external zone >works as I am writing now.

Graphic Yast > firewall
eth0=external zone >works as I am writing now.

I will see what happens while my next complete installation…:wink:


(Hope that will not change if I log out or shut down).

This might be of interest: SuSEfirewall2: HowTo Firewall a Suse / openSUSE Workstation for LAN Network Traffic

Thanks again.
Especially the Open Sauce section seems to be interesting. Hope the using of that section is for free and I can modify it at home :wink:
Greetings pistazienfresser


You’re welcome. And I hope you have some good results with your open sauce development.