Firewall setup?


How to open RTP UDP ports (port_number : port_number) in openSUSE 11.2 firewall with yast?

Still can’t figure it out? :\

On Mon August 16 2010 05:06 pm, erik100 wrote:

> Still can’t figure it out? :

Have you tried the “Custom Rules” section of the Firewll?
(Security and Users>Firewall>Custom Rules)

You need the Source Network (e.g. or ALL for all networks); the
protocol (i.e. UDP); and the port range (i.e. 16384:32767). Do not enclose
the port range with parenthesis, just: port1:port2.

I use the ncurses version of YaST so I’m not exactly sure how these are set
with the GUI, but it should be similar.

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