Firewall Router appliance from a Tumbleed box?

How would I set up a Tumbleweed machine to act as a firewall router?
I have a Core 2 Duo machine with 4GB of memory and two gigabit NICs and a 80 GB hard drive.
Is it possible to have a GUI interface to access the configuration settings for the Firewall package in Tumbleweed?

Simply said: you would need all the services a router has: DHCP, preferably DNS, and masquerading in the firewall.

All this can be done through Yast.

You can build any kind of router.

At its simplest, a routing “appliance” only does one thing… forwards packets from one network to at least one other network when each network has its own networkid. You can do this, and probably at the same time configure packet filtering (aka firewalling) by configuring this in your SUSE firewall configuration. A YAST configured suse firewall by default configures one public facing interface and two protected interfaces (zones), a DMZ and your private network.

Nothing else is necessarily provided but of course if you build your own router on a Linux box you can provide various network services if you wish.

The most basic router that simply forwards packets and has a very minimal number of packet filtering rules doesn’t require much RAM, you could probably do quite well with <1GB RAM if your openSUSE doesn’t run a Desktop. The more you do though, the more RAM will be required.