Firewall question

I am using openSUSE 13.1

How do I setup the firewall to allow traffic from port 9333 from (router) to (openSUSE)?

Any what do I do if I need the source IP to be ANY?

I am in the Firewall and click advanced but after I enter the port in TCP and hit OK nothing happens, it doesn’t show up in the external list and at the same time I don’t see a place to enter the name for that port. So I read the help that gives an example of 22, http, and I try that but it won’t accept it saying that I can’t use comas that I have to use spaces, so I try with a space but it say it doesn’t recognize the name. This is crazy!! :frowning:

The scenario you’re describing involves NAT on your router.

You have to setup port forwarding on your router first (the procedure is specific to your router, sorry there is no way to provide general purpose suggestions).

Properly configured, if your openSUSE port and service are working, then you should see no problems.