Firewall NFS error

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I have openSuSE 11.2 installed on 2 different PC’s. NFS works fine with the firewall on the server disabled. On the server if I go into yast/NFS Server Configuration and try to check Open Port in Firewall I get this error - Because of SuSE Firewall settings, the port on the following interfaces cannot be opened: eth0. I have also gone into yast/Security and User/Firewall/Allowed Service and under Service to Allow add NFS Server Service to the list, it still wont allow NFS Client to connect after I start the firewall. I even tried adding port 2049 to the tcp and udp ports in the advanced area and I still cannot connect my client to the server when the firewall is running. Please Help

Have you checked out @swedna’s
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You can allow access from file “/etc/exports”. But I’m not sure you configure or not?

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I had the firewall working just fine on openSuSE 11.0. For some reason I only get this error on 11.2.

did you get this working, if so, how did you resolve it?