Firewall Issue


Im trying to add 2 different ports to my firewall and i was told to open firewall and goto Allowed Services/Advanced i was told to add my ip and port there and save which i did and it worked, but when i tried to open firewall and do the same thing for my next port i noticed the original port/ip info was still there but i was told to change it and save as my first port setup would have saved.

Basically i did as i was told but now the first port is now showing closed so i figured i would ask the experts.

Not sure if i posted this in correct place so apologies in advance if i messed up.

Ant help is appreciated

Thank You

Merry Xmas to all

open firewall and goto Allowed Services/Advanced (Yes)

Then add the port number/s as required
Just like illustrated in this guide for bittorrent
A Quick Bittorrent Guide (with screenshots)

Thank You

Tried and tested and working

Appreciate your help/time

Merry Xmas

Excellent news!