firewall-config not on the DVD

So, maybe I am missing something in my thinking. If you are building a virtual test environment that has no network access then you cannot use the firewall-config GUI since it is not on the DVD. That seems counter-intuitive to me.

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Has been noted in a number of places…

At the moment with the transition to using firewalld,
There is only the GUI tool.

There is no similar ncurses version of firewall-config,
But it’s possible to configure firewalld by digging into the config files manually.

There is also some untested suggestions for a system-config-firewall-tui available for RHEL/CentOS/Fedora, but that’s untested and not officially supported on openSUSE (ie. For those who try it, you’re on your own).

Or, you can uninstall firewalld, re-install SuSEFW2 and get back both the graphical and ncurses tools you’ve always been using.


If you install Leap 15 with KDE/GNOME on a system with no Internet, and specify in the install to enable the firewall, the ssh server, and open the port then the firewalld service is started. Once you log onto the system and run YaST to configure the firewall YaST tells you it needs to install the firewall GUI. Since, it is not on the DVD image it fails.