firejailed app starts without firejail after reboot


I configured firejail to activate automatically with browser and other apps (by adding necessary links into /usr/local/bin/). And it works wonderful when I start the applications manually, or from menu.
BUT. let’s say we have a browser running under firejail. If you reboot you computer (or reset, or power loss) then the system restore all your application after the reboot WITHOUT firejail. Is it a hole in security?

I assume this happens when you login after a boot (applications like a browser do normaly run in a user session).

Thus the same problem happen when you just logout and login again (without the boot, forced by a power loss or by doing a reboot by commanding it)?

Yes, you are right. Logout and login do the same - restore apps without firejail

You have not mentioned which desktop environment you use. If it is KDE, then you can configure that to not automatically start applications from the previous session. Configure to either start with an empty session, or start with a manually saved session.

Like nrickert says, it then narrows it down to the logout/login (and has nothing whatsoever to do with boot).

And thus, what Desktop, etc.

Sorry for not mentioning that. I use KDE. Yes, I understand that I can disable restoring session. But that is not convenient!