does anyone know why mozilla felt compelled to add an EULA? couldn’t believe it, just installed from repos, launch and BOOM! I am on windows again!! (ha ha)

EDIT: It sux, won’t even lauch, error warning that it is already running, either stop process or restart system!! serious win deja vu happening here.

Yes, I had the eula thing too. I shouldn’t worry about it.

Windows! Seriously, you need to have a check up


It is the mozilla license rather than the GNU. Yet to be proven evil.

don’t need a checkup, just joking.
eula caught me off guard…

anyhoooo… did anyone else have the same failed launch?

out of curiosity, soapbox? was this really a rant?:confused:

Where would this be better? The OP likely suspects that this question could lead to some ranting and besides, I thought the Soapbox wasn’t just for rants anymore?

I think the OP posted in the right place.