Firefox3 beta5 media

I am having trouble getting mplayer plugin to work. I keep getting message that plugin is missing. I have installed mplayer plugin etc.

I had this problem with the Flash plugin, every page I entered did’t showme the flash. So I downloaded the Flash YUM package from Adobe and installed it … it worked OK.

Can you install outside the Firefox Plugin installer the necesary plugin and test it again?

Thanks for your reply. I installed mplayer plugin via yast. I am using the pacman repository for multimedia.

Mplayer plugin is working but will not play AVI files. A bit strange because it does with firefox 2. Not over worried though as Konq/kaffeine plays them ok.

Good work man! I not installed any video codec for FFox3 yet! And now I will try just kaffeine plug in!

Finally you help me !!! :slight_smile:

Glad I am of some use :smiley:
To get media working I just used the 1-click for kde.