When i click on firefox it shows the bouncing icon…but does not open,…i had done some update on gecko(dunno what it is ,but it seems to be linked with html)…can anyone help me out.

Also i had mounted the windows partitions manually …now they have all disappeared what is wrong with my system,have i got a virus ???

P.S: I’m a newbie.

Most likely not a virus, there are very few, if any, virii in the wild for Linux, more likely you need to install additional libraries,. It would help to know what version of Firefox and what version of openSUSE you are running. To check and see what’s missing you might also try opening a console and try to start Firefox from there.

opensuse 11.0
What have i got to do in that case ???

What desktop manager are you using KDE, GNOME or another? It’s so I can point you to a console.

Open a terminal session within your graphical environment. You should get a command-line prompt like 'bash: ’ or ‘user@computer:~>’. Give the command ‘firefox’. Changes are great that you will get an error message. That error message gives you the reason of failure.

I hope this helps you better.

I am using KDE 3.5

Ok, go to your K menu under system and look for Konsole, open it and type Firefox in and post the results here, you CAN copy and paste from Konsole.

I typed firefox in terminal…this is what i got …
“Could not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b5 and 1.9b5.”

Ok you need to install mozilla-xulrunner190 from the repos. Open YaST and do a search for it.

Download or use the dvd.

It should be in YaST, if you upgraded Firefox, you’ll need the matching file to go with it.

Add the mozilla repository source from here.
YaST -> Software Repositories -> Add -> Specify URL.
Then go to YaST -> Software management | search for Mozilla Firefox and install the latest version. (xulrunner, nspr, nss, etc. are dependencies, i think they need to be installed/updated automatically with Firefox).
I hope this helps.
Good luck!

Error persists…should i reboot ??

No, you don’t need to reboot.
First: do the update procedure as I explained ^^. If it fails, then:
Try to remove all mozilla related things with YaST (type into the search field: mozilla).
Go again to YaST and type to the search field: MozillaFirefox, and check it out (the dependencies will be installed automatically).

yast hung trying to download from the url provided…had to reboot…**** !!!

Okay, yast might hung, but there’s another friend that will help you:

Open a terminal session and give the following commands inside quotes:

‘su -l root’ – this gives you root access

‘zypper refresh’ – refreshes the internal rpm database to the repositories

‘zypper -r update’ – downloads and installs any available package against the repositories and synchronizes the rpm database.

‘exit’ – exits from root access

‘exit’ – closes the terminal session

I only use yast to add or update repositories and I only use ‘zypper’ to do the updates.

Good luck

How do i uninstall firefox !!!

to uninstall firefox you can use:

‘sudo zypper remove firefox’

Maybe you have to enter the root password for that command.

Good luck.

I will do that, thanks …my internet has limited usage during the day…so gotta do that later in the night…download size is 165mb !!!

There might be another cause of your problem:

Your root directory has a directory called ‘.mozilla’. Look at the dot as the first character of its name!

You can do the following:

Open a terminal session and give the two following commands (inside quotes):

‘cd ~’ – going to your home directory
‘rm -fR .mozilla’ – this only removes the .mozilla tree

Watch out: your personal settings can get lost, but your firefox WILL work as usual again. I think that some third party extensions for firefox has damaged your browser.